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Standard Bearing Arrangements

Single radial ball bearing (Type A)

Type A & A1 bearing blocks use a single sealed radial ball bearing to provide simple radial end support. They are primarily used to prevent whipping and radial deflection of the ballscrew centerline in light load applications where axial positioning accuracy is not critical.

end support type a

Duplex bidirectional angular contact (Type B)

Type B & B1 bearing blocks feature duplex, bidirectional angular contact bearings to control Axial movement of the screw. They also provide Higher axial thrust and radial load capacities than “A” type bearing blocks.

end support type b

Spaced bidirectional angular contact bearings (Type C)

Type C and C1 bearing blocks have spaced, bidirectional angular contact bearings to provide the rigid end support needed to achieve higher speeds and increased stiffness of the overall ballscrew assembly.

end support type c


Model Number Designation