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Literature and Instruction Manuals

Please click on a link below to download a PDF of our Literature and Instruction Manuals.


Corporate Literature

Comptrol-Capabilities-BrochureComptrol Capabilities Brochure
Automation Solutions BrochureAutomation Solutions Brochure

Linear Motion

Complete-BallScrew-Assembly-CatalogComplete BallScrew Assembly Catalog
Comptro-Bearing-Block-BrochureComptrol Bearing Block Brochure
Linear Slide FlyerLinear Slide Flyer

Tension Measurement

Tension Measurement BrochureTension Measurement Brochure
CTI-1000CTI 1000
CTI-1200-Tension-Indicator-FlyerCTI 1200 Tension Indicator Flyer
CTC-3000CTC 3000

Instruction Manuals

Linear Motion Instruction Manuals

Linear Positioner Instruction ManualLinear Positioner Instruction Manual

Tension Measurement Instruction Manuals

80-166-Replacing-80-158-Instructions-A-345S80 166 Replacing 80 158 Instructions A 345S
80-166-Tension-Indicator-Board-A-34580 166 Tension Indicator Board A 345
BRT150Tensioncell-Manual-D-192BRT150 Tensioncell Manual D 192
CTC-3000-Manual-A-323CTC 3000 Manual A 323
CTI-1000-ManualCTI 1000 Manual
CTI-1200-ManualCTI 1200 Manual
DH-120-150-210-410-Manual-E-158DH 120 150 210 410 Manual E 158
DH151-and-DK151-Monocell-Manual-D-131DH151 and DK151 Monocell Manua D 131
DST130-and131-Superloadcell-Manual-F-100DST130 and 131 Superloadcell Manual F 100
DST206C-Superloadcell-Manual-F-101DST206C Superloadcell Manual F 101
DST226C-Superloadcell-Manual-F-102DST226C Superloadcell Manual F 102
DST226CT-Superloadcell-Manual-C-280DST226CT Superloadcell Manual C 280
DST330-C-1002-Metric-Superloadcell-Manual-A-369DST330 C 1002 Metric Superloadcell Manual A 369
DST332-C-1001-Metric-Superloadcell-Manual-A-368DST332 C 1001 Metric Superloadcell Manual A 368
DST535C-Superloadcell-ManualF-103DST535C Superloadcell Manual F 103
DST585C-Superloadcell-Manual-F-104DST585C Superloadcell Manual F 104
DST600C-Superloadcell-Manual-F-105DST600C Superloadcell Manual F 105
DST601C-Superloadcell-Manual-F-106DST601C Superloadcell Manual F 106
DST602C-Superloadcell-Manual-F-107DST602C Superloadcell Manual F 107
M415C 9 and M415V 9 Tension Indicator Manual C 237 9M415C 9 and M415V 9 Tension Indicator Manual C 237 9
M415C-and-M415V-Tension-Indicator-Manual-C-237M415C and M415V Tension Indicator Manual C 237
Model-20-Type-BandC-Tensioncell-Manual-D-203Model 20 Type Band C Tensioncell Manual D 203
Model-30-Type-AandD-Tensioncell-Manual-D-152Model 30 Type A and D Tensioncell Manual D 152
Model-30-Type-BandC-Tensioncell-Manual-F-151Model 30 Type B and C Tensioncell Manual F 151
Model 36 Type BandC Tensioncell Manual A 279Model 36 Type B and C Tensioncell Manual A 279
Model-37-Type-BandC-Tensioncell-Manual-A-224Model 37 Type B and C Tensioncell Manual A 224
Model-40-Tensioncell-Manual-D-159Model 40 Tensioncell Manual D 159
Model-42-Tensioncell-Type-BandC-Manual-C-161Model 42 Tensioncell Type B and C Manual C 161
Model-43-Tensioncells-Manual-B-162Model 43 Tensioncells Manual B 162

Weighcell Instruction Manuals

Digital-Rodcell-Dual-Module-Manual-B-329Digital Rodcell Dual Module Manual B 329